Turn Key Integration

Complete Integration–It’s exactly what your project needs!

Cement-Plant-300x225UIG offers full service planning, design, fabrication, installation and operational assistance for all your industrial applications. We are systems integrators who will bring your entire operations under one management team, simplifying your project design, construction and operation.

UIG specializes in thinking outside the tank and beyond the limits of most tank suppliers.  We will make your project run smoothly and efficiently from concept to start-up and beyond.

Storage or process tanks seldom stand alone and are generally part of a more complex operation. In most cases the tanks are linked by extensive piping and a series of pumps, valves and sensors. Flow between the various locations is monitored and controlled to ensure proper performance and safety.

Whatever their function, tanks are just a part of the larger facility. Any specific tank may play an important but minor role in an otherwise complicated bigger picture. So, your tank has to be the right one. UIG will help you to look beyond the simple stages to ensure your project runs as it is meant to do.

Often there are many process operations before and after the basic storage tank facilities. Most tank suppliers do only that – supply the tank – and leave the rest to your own team. UIG does it all and does it properly, every time.

PlantFor all products including fuel, chemicals, grain, cement, flour and virtually any dry bulk or liquid commodities.  Complete turnkey projects: bolted steel tanks, field welded tanks, vessel loading and unloading, conveying systems, weight, bagging, fire fighting systems, cathodic protection, instrumentation, control systems and SCADA and all the pipe-work, pumps and valves needed to make it all function.
For diesel, oil, petroleum, bio fuel products and all petrochemical by-products.  UIG storage stank system integration includes foundation design, tank design and manufacture, floating roofs, dome roofs, fire-fighting systems, NEMA control panels, SCADA systems, pipe work, pumps, valves, level indicators, explosion proof vents, ladders, man-ways, stairways, walkways, cathodic protection and many other accessories.
Utilizing either epoxy coated bolted steel tanks, glass fused-to-steel bolted steel tanks, stainless steel tanks or tanks made from other exotic metal, dependent on the product or products being handled, UIG will provide the overall design including fire-fighting equipment, foam systems, SCADA control systems, dual containment, insulation, mixing and blending and heating and cooling systems.
Orcutt_pipingFor the Petrochemical Industry and other industries, skid-mounted modular process systems, pumps, valves, filters, inter-connecting pipe-work for storage vessels of all types sizes and materials.  Flares, KO drums and all associated smaller tanks and vessels.  Control panels and remote control systems – SCADA.  Fire alarms and fire fighting systems, flame arresters, explosion proof vents, dual containment, mixers, heaters, insulation and all required mechanical, electrical and instrument design and engineering.

The truth is that there are many industrial tank suppliers. They can provide a tank or three – but their services usually stop at the tank walls.  As a customer, you deserve better.

Take no chances about getting it right.  One company – UIG – offers you a complete package that is guaranteed to work right.  Let us bring our full-service Systems Integration capabilities to assist you in completion of your projects, done right the first time and every time, on schedule and on budget.

Contact United Industries Group, Inc. – We are Industrial Systems Integrators and can do the whole job for you.

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