Silos, Bins and Hoppers

Glass-Coated-Bolted-Steel-Storage-SiloUnited Industries Group, Inc. (UIG) designs, manufactures and installs storage silos, bins and   related conveyor systems of all types and sizes, including tanks that are smooth wall, carbon or stainless steel, hopper bottoms or with skirts.


Smooth wall silos can be used for a large range of dry bulk products. They can be made on legs with hopper bottoms or skirted with supporting walls that extend to the ground. Conveyor systems can be included to transport the product to the bagging stations, to rail or truck loading facilities or to other application or storage areas. This type of silo can be a welded tank or bolted tank type of construction.



A variety of accessories can be fitted to both types of silo.  These may include aeration systems, fans, dryers, vents, batch mixing systems, blenders, unloading augers, interior or exterior ladders and walkways, dust prevention equipment, bagging/weighing and rail/truck filling and discharging systems, elevators, explosion proof vents, flame arresters, foam and fire fighting accessories, and so on.

UIG offers an international, integrated turnkey source for your silo and bin requirements.  Call on us to design, fabricate and install your silos and bins, equipped with any of the above mentioned accessories, including instrumentation and control systems for one or multiple silos.



• AWWA (American Water Works Association)

• BISSC (Bakery Industry
Sanitary Standards Committee)

• FDA (Federal Drug

• NSF (National Science Foundation)

(United States Department of Agriculture)

• All other US and
international standards as needed

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