Power Generation Solutions

Power Generation is transforming different kinds of energy sources into electrical power for an ever demanding population.  UIG is keeping pace with the demand for high-tech systems and equipment and can provide the know-how and technology to fulfill your project’s requirements.
PG1-300x199Whether the power generation is derived from nuclear, solar, wind energy, biomass (anaerobic digesters) or geothermal methods, many of the traditional and basic requirements of the production plants remain the same.

United Industries Group, Inc. remains in the forefront of the changing face of the Power Generation scene by providing all the traditional equipment as well as leading edge technology to cope with higher temperatures, pressure and more sophisticated technical procedures.

This includes the supply of all types of storage and process tanks, piping systems, fire-fighting and fire suppression systems, waste water treatment, biogas plants,  SCADA instruments and control systems.


All of our systems can be built to NEMA, API, AWWA, NFPA, ACI, AISI, AWS, ASME, ASTM, DIN, UL, OSHA, ISO, FM and all U.S. and International Codes and Standards.

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