Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Storage Tanks


Double Wall Containment Leachate Bolted Storage Tank

Double Wall Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Storage Tank for Leachate Containment


These types of bolted tanks are commonly called “glass lined” (GLT), “glass fused-to-steel” (GFS) or “glass coated” (GCT) depending on the region where they are installed, but these names all mean the same thing, that the tank panels are fused inside and out with a glass enamel that binds to the metal providing many advantages over standard epoxy coated or welded painted storage tanks.

CarsonThe glass lining forms a hard, chemically inert layer that permanently protects the steel surface from rust, corrosion, undercutting, abrasion and stains.  In addition UIG’s proprietary ECOGlass TM  coatings are specifically engineered around your application from pH zero to pH 14 providing even more corrosion resistance.

The Glass Fused to Steel construction of these bolted tanks is exceptional for the storage of potable water, waste water, petroleum, chemicals and dry bulk and in such applications as reservoirs (open top or with aluminum dome or flat panel roof), power generation stations, standpipes, frac processing, fish ponds, sludge tanks, trickling filters, high temp fermentation plants.

They are used in many different applications such as waste water treatment plants, bio-gas plants and petroleum tank farms where steel corrosion would be an issue.  Glass Lined Tanks are quick to manufacture and can be erected easily in the field with our experienced crew or by utilizing a supervisor and local labor.

Pair with our UIG Aluminum Dome Cover for virtually maintenance free storage .



Glass Fused to Steel Bolted tanks are a very popular choice for water storage tanks but how do you make sure you are specifying the right manufacturer for your project?

UIG Glass Lined Storage Tanks not only conforms to the AWWA D103 standards but FAR EXCEEDS the standard by providing a stronger, safer product.

Don’t be fooled into think into thinking that a set of specifications written by a particular manufacturer is the AWWA D103 standard.  Many times the writer of those specifications put in extraneous requirements to weed out their competition and give the buyer fewer, if any, other choices.  This tactic is not to the benefit of the project owner.  Your UIG Glass Lined Tank Specialist can explain to you the differences between the current AWWA D103 standard and a specification written by a manufacturer.

UIG Glass Lined Bolted Storage Tank St Maarten

Glass Fused-to-Steel Water Tank in the St. Lucia, Caribbean


UIG utilizes thinner coatings than other manufacturers which increases the role of the base metal’s mechanical properties, providing a harder, more flexible, less brittle and greater chip resistant tank panel.  UIG’s proprietary enamel frits and titanium rich steel (TRS TM) steel provides unparalleled adhesion.  Proper coating thickness is key to elasticity and longevity.  The tensile strength is approximately the yield point of the base metal. In general, thinner porcelain enamel coatings are more flexible and have greater resistance to fracture.  Normally, heavier coatings are used on cast iron or appliances where rigidity of the substrate resists deformation and reduces the danger of fracture.  Thickness over 16-mils is not generally recommended for sheet/plate metal parts because of warping and/or chipping problems.

We make our own glass frits for the enameling process so we can match the color YOU WANT for your tank.




UIG uses proprietary Titanium (Ti) rich Hot Rolled Carbon Steel (TRS TM) which is specifically manufactured for the enameling process.  This allows for exceptional physical performance and eliminates any fish scale defect.  Furthermore the superfine glass structure of the enameled layer provides the steel plates with excellent flexibility and durability. Other manufacturers choose a poorer quality A36 Carbon Steel base (not recommended for durable and quality glass fused bonding), which is the least expensive steel and contains levels of carbon that will make it difficult for good glass adhesion.  Many manufacturers apply a toxic nickel oxide to cover up the carbon defect in inferior steel in order to apply their two-coat/two-fire enameling process which will leach through any pinholes.  As a result they end up with thicker coating that has the tendency to fish scale, sag, has low adherence and cracks easily.

White Glass Fused to Steel Tank 600 K Gallons AR

White Glass Fused to Steel Tank 600 K Gallons in Arkansas by UIG



Sheet edges must be properly coated with the same enamel material in order to avoid electrolysis of dissimilar metals, rust and weakening of the enamel bonding. UIG rounds the edges of their plates and coat the edges completely.  To save time and cost, other manufacturers leave sharp edges on their panels and they coat them cosmetically with a stainless steel strip.  This creates three dissimilar metals to cover their defects which will lead nickel oxide leaching and early corrosion inside the tank.

Laser Cutter

Laser Cutter in UIG manufacturing plant used for precisely bolt holes and opening in bolted tank panels.


Most manufacturers use the same fin-necked bolts to assemble their glass lined tanks as they use for their epoxy coated tanks.  Epoxy tanks may be touched up in the field which allows for the use of these types of bolts but using these same bolts on glass lined tanks allow the fins to bite into the enameling leading to cracking and scratches which can cause rusting inside the tank.
UIG’s proprietary finless bolts are safe to use with glass fused-to-steel bolted tanks and do not crack the enamel during the installation process.


Glass Lined Tank Bolt


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Glass Fused-to-Steel Storage Tanks in Southern California

UIG Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tank Specifications available for download here




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