EVERSTORE Leachate Tank

EVERSTORE® Glass Fused-to-Steel Bolted Storage Tanks
are ideal for the containment of industrial wastes.  

Leachate Tank Side View from Drone


Leachate Tank Top View from Drone

leachate is any liquid that, in the course of passing through matter, extracts soluble or suspended solids, or any other component of the material through which it has passed.

Leachate is a widely used term in the environmental sciences where it has the specific meaning of a liquid that has dissolved or entrained environmentally harmful substances that may then enter the environment. It is most commonly used in the context of land-filling of putrescible or industrial waste.

In the narrow environmental context leachate is therefore any liquid material that drains from land or stockpiled material and contains significantly elevated concentrations of undesirable material derived from the material that it has passed through.



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