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Whether epoxy coated or glass-fused bolted tanks, welded tanks or pressure vessels -  all are integral parts to most industrial projects.  For over 40 years under the same ownership, United Industries Group, Inc.  has been the industry innovator, providing you the design, manufacture  and installation for all your industrial storage applications.  Our dedicated team will meet and exceed your needs from project conception to completion of installation and start-up.  We will solve your problems with timely quotes, consulting services, precision engineering, efficient design and professional installation to achieve your project’s most stringent specifications. Unlike other companies that focus on just welded or bolted tanks, UIG specializes in all applications and tank types, always selecting the optimal and most economic tank for your specific application.   Contact us at or (949) 759-3200  

Areas Served

Private Enterprise in every industry. International Governments at all levels: village, local, rural, country, regional, provincial/state, national and federal. U.S. and Foreign Military Services at all levels. International Non-Governmental Organizations: United Nations’ subsidiaries and many other NGO’s.